Audio Visual Technologists are in high demand. It seems that they hold the key to this moment in time. More than ever before, people in all creative work fields and industries are recognizing the potential of using sound and visual technologies to enhance their brand or projects. It is leading the way to fantastic innovations as well as unrealistic expectations.

The spotlight is always on the new. The inexperienced 5 year old prodigy is more exciting to watch and listen to than the 62 year old great performer. It is a trend that I’ve seen before but never on this scale of demand. I know, the magnitude is a bit misleading and temporary. Nonetheless, I’m excited to be a part of it while the bubble lasts. I am pleased to be an Audio Visual Technologist. I love this field for the great things it is allowing me to do for my clients. I am enjoying the ride on this particular bandwagon. I am an Audio Visual Technologist.