An Invitation to Explore

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”

— John Wilder Tukey
Exploratory Data Analysis, 1977

Still images can be a gateway to my understanding of the world. I can access places and ideas, distant or near, through them. They can provide comfort or distress at a single glance. Still images have a great deal of power in shaping the things that I do and think.

My memories are constantly being enhanced and diminished with the passage of time. I’ve learned to appreciate how still images are integral to this process. They have become indispensable to my life. Their emotional impact is immeasurable.

Taking a photograph makes me more human. It allows me to stop and explore an unlimited number of situations that normally would be missed or ignored. It invites me to participate in the everyday. An image opens the many possible ways of viewing the world.

Not all photographers feel the way I do, but my most satisfying work comes from this understanding of what others might take for granted.