Never Be Satisfied

If you have not lost your sense of wonder, then you value the chance to learn something new. Your curiosity often takes you to a place where time stands still. You may spend hours perfecting a task or pursuing an idea that no one else will ever get to enjoy, appreciate, or care for, let alone pay you for it.

I am here to tell you not to stop all of those delightful things that you do regardless of the consequences. Let the frying pan set off the alarm on the smoke detector and slightly annoy your neighbors. Let your best friend practice patience because you were late again and completely forgot the mutually agreed lunch meeting. A good friend will always understand, laugh about it, and eventually forgive you just like your pet usually does.

I am not suggesting for you to be reckless, emotionally careless, selfish, and inconsiderate by disregarding your wellbeing or that of others, but there is great value in engaging your mind in play. Happiness and personal success are inextricably linked to your leisurely pursuits.

It is this possibility that excites me. Every single morning it convinces me to carry on, enjoy the day ahead, and smile.

I am extremely grateful to all who have planted the seeds for my thinking. They have given me absolute permission to expand my views and to do the things that I do without a single ounce of regret. I take this moment to thank them for their generosity and compassion. To these friends, thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas when I needed them the most.


““To spend time is to pass it in a specified manner. To waste time is to expend it thoughtlessly or carelessly. We all have time to either spend or waste and it is our decision what to do with it. But once passed, it is gone forever.”

― Bruce Lee